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Wagtail The Wave Waterfed Sleeve System

Quick Overview

  • Pure Water Cleans Better, especially when combined with the Wave system
  • The Microfiber Pad combined with the Double Pivot allows for efficient cleaning
  • Multiple Jets flow pure water on the cleaning surface to improve cleaning speed
  • Perfect for Cleaning Hard to Reach Places

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Item #: 11-79M

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The Wave Waterfed Sleeve System 14in

The multi jet channel produces an even flow of water, providing lubrication while offering great scrubbing power. The microfiber washing pad delivers great surface contact on the glass for fast cleaning.

The combination of a continuous flow of pure water and the microfiber pad increases cleaning power The constant rinsing of the microfiber improves the cleaning process and picks up dirt quicker.

Clean faster and more effectively with The Wave. The wave is a Multi jet pivoting cleaning tool that combines an abrasive microfiber pad and double pivot action to more effectively and more easily clean from all heights and angles.

Wagtail’s Double Pivot technology sets a whole new standard for swivel head cleaning tools. Delightfully simple to use the tilt and pan control is very responsive whether you’re using it on a pole or by hand 

Perfect for cleaning hard to reach places, the Wave feels remarkably smooth and fast.

Window Cleaners love Wagtail Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Wagtail Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

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