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Winsol Dirty Bird Waste Remover

Quick Overview

  • Proprietary Blend of Biological Ingesters
  • Spray on, Hose off
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Quickly works to break down Bird Waste

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Item #: 89-66M

$84.40 - $355.70

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A simple pre-spray with our exclusive blend of over one trillion biological ingesters will break down, liquefy and actually consume bird droppings that can then be removed with only a simple rinsing. Dirty Bird will help create a safe environment for your business or family including pets and plants. Safe to use anywhere bird droppings and waste have become an eyesore or hazard to the people living or working there.

Use Dirty Bird on any washable surface exposed to bird droppings, like roofs, gutters, ledges, awnings, chairs etc. It has been adapted to quickly break down and provide rapid organic waste removal including bird droppings.

Dirty Bird can be used at 100% and is applied directly to the waste accumulation.

ix 1:4 – 1 Gallon makes 5 gallons