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WoodBrite Wood and Deck Cleaner 8LB

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Cleans and brightens decks, fences and other weathered wood, helping restore the natural, like-new appearance. This product will removes UV damaged, g...

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Item #: 320-762  MPN : 6426-32



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This is an obsolete Item
Mix Ratio: Add 2 to 6 oz. per 1 gallon of water if applying via a chemical sprayer. Stronger solutions may be required if wood has not been maintained.

Downstream or X-Jet: add 1/2 lb. per gallon of water in the supply bucket for Downstream and X-Jet ratios of 10:1 10%, add 1 lb per gallon of water in the supply bucket for X-Jet ratio of 20:1 5%. Warm water always works better but is not required. Rinse well after with fresh water. It is always recommended to cover expensive or exotic plants to eliminate possible contamination of the soil.