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X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer

Quick Overview

  • This Oxalic Acid based cleaner and restorer is a step up from cleaning windows
  • Use this product for pre-cast concrete or old paint rundown from above the glass.
  • Other uses include brightening wood, cleaning oxidized (chalky) siding either aluminum or vinyl .
  • When the cleaning or restoration is complete rinse well with water

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X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer is recommended for glass surfaces that will not come clean with washing.

X-19 is an acidic blend of wetting agents and detergents specially formulated to restore surfaces. Primarily containing Oxalic Acid X-19 works quickly and effectively.

Additionally, it removes hard water marks, stains caused by run-off from unsealed masonry, airborne pollution and acid rain haze that causes oxidation to glass.  X 19 X19

Can also be used to remove rust stains fron concrete, brick, pavers and other surfaces.

  • Wet the surface and spray the cleaner on, brush it around.
  • Let it stand for a few minutes and then scrub it with a brush.
  • Keep repeating this until the stain is gone. For best results, rinse with a pressure washer.

1 Gallon

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