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Counter Rotating Solar Brush 16in with Floating Brush Parts List Item # : 159-1321

Spare parts for Counter Rotating Solar Brush 16in with Floating Brush Parts List

Counter Rotating Solar Brush 16in with Floating Brush Parts List

Counter Rotating Solar Brush 16in with Floating Brush Parts List

Used to clean Atrium Glass, Solar Panels, glass Porticos, Metal Roofs, Granite walkways. This brush will help to make quick work of cleaning glass and other smooth surfaces that approach horizontal

Managing water pressure is important
  • Minimum Pressure required is 290psi (20 Bar)
  • Maximum Pressure allowed is 725psi (50 Bar)

Not for use with Hot water, Max 105 Degrees F (40 C)

For Pressure washing sizing the Brushes 2 tips (#3.5) are the same as a #7 tip in your Pressure washer

We recommend the use of an inline pressure gauge to monitor pressure..

A Small Pressure Washer 2.5 GPM at 3000psi is all you need to run this water powered brush.

Do not run a larger pressure washer with this brush at it will damage it.

Regulator and Gauge

Use a Pressure Gauge to undestand the pressure at the brush

Install the Gauge on the water connector on the brush

Test Run your your pressure washer and supply water to the brush from your running pressure washer the PSI should be between 290 psi and 725 psi.

One you have your system setup at the correct pressure ytou can remove and store the gauge for future testing

Alway test again after a pressure washer has been worked on or should a different pressre washer is put in place to power the brush


If your pressure Washer is running the brush at more that 725PSI then immediatly stop the water flow.

You can try a smaller pressure washer or install and adjust a Pressure Regulator to set the pressure to the suggested 600 to 650 psi to run the brush. (Max 725psi)

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Upper Body159-142J.Racenstein HSRN-1$25.45Place Order
Left Nozzle159-143J.Racenstein HSRN-2SX$6.25Place Order
Right Nozzle159-144J.Racenstein HSRN-2DX$12.65Place Order
Left Turbine159-145J.Racenstein HSRN-3SX$23.90Place Order
Right Turbine159-146J.Racenstein HSRN-3DX$23.90Place Order
Gear159-147J.Racenstein HSRN-4$23.90Place Order
Pin159-148J.Racenstein HSRN-5$12.80Place Order
Cover159-149J.Racenstein HSRN-6$16.45Place Order
Screw159-150J.Racenstein HSRN-7$0.65Place Order
Ring159-151J.Racenstein HSRN-8$5.40Place Order
Brush Replacement Counter Rotating Brush (1 each) Nylon Bristles159-152J.Racenstein HSRN-9$56.75Place Order
Plastic Nut for Rotary Brush159-153J.Racenstein HSRN-10$4.85Place Order
Joint159-154J.Racenstein HSRN-11$25.25Place Order
Fitting Hose for Brush159-155J.Racenstein HSRN-12$18.95Place Order
Hose Replacement for Rotatiing Brush159-161J.Racenstein VAPTR/06 $15.45Place Order