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RODI DIY fitting kit for 20 in filters Parts List Item # : 890-202

Spare parts for RODI DIY fitting kit for 20 in filters Parts List

RODI DIY fitting kit for 20 in filters Parts List

BUILD RODI DIY fitting kit 20 in filters

Pure Water is created by removing the sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water. The process of making pure water involves a chemical and electrical process.

40in filters offer the best flow and service life, the products offered here provide excelent water qualight and lomg service life.

  • 20in Carbon Filter - 80,000 gallons - Change once per year when used regularly, minimum every 2 years for lightly uses systems.
  • 40in RO Industry Standard Membrane provides greater than 1gpm flow and with the proper startup and end of job procedure followed will last 5 to 7 years.
  • 20In DI offers an industry leading amount DI Resin, with a long service interval, change when the water output rises above 10tds on your meter.

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
ProTool Valve Waste Water Bypass RO 1/2in150-1699ProTool MV20-8-8(OEM)$23.40Place Order
ProTool Pressure Gauge 200psi Max150-0394ProTool 200PSI Mini Guage$11.60Place Order
ProTool Tee 1/2in Tube Pushfit 1/4in NPT150-411ProTool V0820406$6.70Place Order
ProTool Stem Adapter 1/2 x 1/2150-321g$4.20Place Order
ProTool Fitting M GH to 3/4in MNPT & 1/2in FNPT150-124ProTool 19AF-12DE$8.30Place Order
Jam Nut 1/2in NPT Black Poly150-1690J.Racenstein 8463$1.35Place Order