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Soft Wash Metering Trident Parts List Item # : 890-0452

Spare parts for Soft Wash Metering Trident Parts List

BUILD Soft Wash Metering Trident

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
ProTool Metering Bracket for Wall Mount Plate150-811$26.95Place Order
Valve Metering 1/2in ProTool74-4969ProTool 1/2 npt Metering$57.15Place Order
ProTool Check Valve 1/2in fpt74-8195ProTool 22641$15.15Place Order
ProTool Nipple 1/2 MPT to 1/2 MPT Banjo74-8185ProTool NIP050SH$2.70Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb Banjo 1/2in to 1/2in MNPT74-8113ProTool HB050$2.10Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb 1/2in M thread x 3/8in74-8121ProTool HB050-038$2.40Place Order
ProTool Tee Fitting 1/2in FNPT Banjo74-8180ProTool TEE050$4.65Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb 90deg 1/2in M Thread X 3/4in74-8116ProTool HB050/075-90$2.55Place Order