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Wand Clever Softwash Sprayer Parts List Item # : 890-0067

Spare parts for Wand Clever Softwash Sprayer Parts List

Wand Clever Softwash Sprayer Parts List

BUILD - Wand Clever Softwash Sprayer  

Softwash Wand with Adjustable Soap Tip. Installed on the wand is a 1/2? ball valve with a 1/2? hose barb fitting. Wands are built to order Standard length is 18?. New Wands will be made with Stainless Steel Quick Connect fittings. They come with an Adjustable Soap Tip but will fit other 1/4? Nozzles including JRods. This wand comes standard on our builds.

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Riser 1/2in x 18in150-319J.Racenstein 38094$3.25Place Order
Ball Valve 1/2in PVC for Softwashing Wands74-4958J.Racenstein Ball Valve PVC 1/2in npt-$5.20Place Order
Adapter 1/2in FM Pipe to 1/4in M Pipe150-192J.Racenstein 120A-DB$3.80Place Order
Coupler 1/4in PW Brass FPT74-4102J.Racenstein 9.802.164.0$4.80Place Order
Fitting 3/4in F GH to 1/2in MNPT150-1243J.Racenstein 20A-12D$8.50Place Order