• Ettore - RubberEttore - Rubber
    Often imitated, never duplicated, Ettore Steccone’s original design has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1936. His secret was, and is, in the rubber. With the same secrecy and security afforded soft drink formulas, the ingredients formulation of Ettore rubber is carefully ...
  • ProfessionalSqueegee - RubberProfessionalSqueegee - Rubber

    Professional Squeegeees' goal for the last 15 years has been to develop a rubber capable of delivering optimal performance on glass in all conditions.

  • Unger - RubberUnger - Rubber
    Unger offers their famous ErgoTec soft rubber and a hard rubber which wears more slowly and is designed to work well in warmer conditions.
  • Black Diamond - RubberBlack Diamond - Rubber
  • Pulex - RubberPulex - Rubber
    Offering Hard and Soft rubber, Pulex rubber is made from a proprietary vulcanized and electronically tested process producing a quality blade.
  • Sörbo - RubberSörbo - Rubber
    Rubber has a unique profile to fit Sörbo channels, yet also fits traditional channels.
  • Wagtail - RubberWagtail - Rubber
    Long lasting, medium density, Wagtail rubber is extruded and then slit for an extra sharp edge. Fits all standard channels.
  • Three Star - RubberThree Star - Rubber
    Made from high quality, real rubber, 3 Star rubber has a perfect square edge that cleans glass like the best of them, at an affordable price.
  • Moerman - RubberMoerman - Rubber

    Dura-Flex Precision Cut Rubber Replacement Blades