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We offer different types of Autowash kits which are useful in cleaning automobiles, these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be handy.

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The TRIFECTA Kit unit is the difference maker for at home car washing. Get spotless results without touching the vehicle or drying off. This unit uses pure water technology to attract dirt off the surface and into the water. This leaves you vehicle free of ALL dirt, contaminants and minerals. Enjoy a spot and streak free rinse without the hassle of toweling off.

Car Wash Advanced Kit is an advance starter kit includes everything you need to wash your car by hand. This kit keeps your sponge clean and prevents scratches with the grit guard and 3.5 gallon bucket . Professional concentrated soap removes dirt easily and safely from the surface while leaving a water repelling shine behind. Foaming sprayer and bottle foam the soap at the hose end to quickly foam the car with Shine Up soap. This high foaming soap and sprayer lift the dirt up off the surface to prevent scratches. Wipe down with the professional microfiber towel for a professional streak free clean.

ProTool Foam BLASTER has attachment that allows you to add a chemical to the mix at the tip. Works great with ProTool Wash Up Soap to easily foam and apply soap quickly to a Car, Truck, RV, etc. Switch out the chemical in the bottle and easily apply a heavier soap for wheels or other surfaces. Foaming soap stays on the surfaces longer allowing for more time to agitate and rinse before drying on the car. Foamer attachment with right chemistry offers aN even application of many detergents.