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Awning Cleaning

We provide a variety of Awning cleaning products like Exterior cleaning brushes, Chemical spraying systems, Degreasers, Fabric Awnings, etc. from brands like Ettore, Mr. Longarm, Protool, etc. which can be handy in cleaning which you can easily order from our website.

Tucker Brush Boar Hair for Euro Water Fed Poles is a lightweight Boar's hair brush that will fit plastic angle goosenecks. When you need the most aggressive scrubbing brush to tackle built-up dirt, this Tucker Brush is your top contender. This brush features natural boars hair bristles that scrub away dirt and grime with ease. Each Tucker brush is outfitted with a centralized tee fitting that has a common euro thread socket so it threads onto a standard waterfed pole. The push to fit fitting makes a quick connection to your supply hose to get water flowing through the brush. Choose from either 4 pencil jets, great for hydrophilic glass, or 4 fan jets for hydrophobic glass. Sitting on a 10 inch block, select the 12 inch brush for more precision, or the 18 inch style to work larger areas. Size measured by width of bristles, not block length. Brush fitting style may vary.

ProTool Power Sprayer Chemical Sprayer Gun w/ 2 Batteries is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use sprayers on the market with commercial grade viton seals make it compatible with a wide variety of chemical liquid. Interchangeable and adjustable nozzles make it extremely versatile. Up to 100 psi. Shoots a stream up to 30ft high and is self-priming up to 15ft of lift. Telescopic spray lance and multi-directional nozzle make it easy to get into hard to reach places. Steady and controllable flow rate using a 2.6Ah rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that continuously runs over 2hours with quick charger that charges the battery in 90 minutes

Brush Mighty Mini Shark is a handheld, multi-purpose brush, for cleaning tile and grout, detailing cars or boats, cleaning the fridge or a coffee potThe Mighty MINI-Shark is just plain amazing it is the best handheld grout brush on th planet bar none. Calling it a grout brush is a misnomer as it can be used to clean virtually anything where a small tough cleaning tool is required. Great for wall tile, counter tops, and bathrooms but also for detailing cars , cleaning appliances, pool skimmers, coffee pots...you name it and it will do the job. Maid services & Housekeepers love the MINI-Shark.

Wash Sprayer 110V for Houses, Siding, Buildings, Decks, Fences, Autos is useful in Washing Houses, Decks, Fences, Autos, Glass, Painted Surfaces Soaping methods are versatile, Draw your Detergent mix from the Bucket, or use the Foamer Gun Accessory. Attach to the Tap with a Garden Hose or use a Bucket and Draw your surfactant, this leaves your Garden Hose free for Rinsing. Perfect Power and Volume for most Washing needs without needing to scrub. Does Not Damage Surfaces, offers replaceable Tips for Flexible Spraying Power

Winsol Awning Fabric Spot Remover Gal is a highly concentrated spot remover for awnings. Awning Fabric Spot Remover is the safest product available for the quick removal of roofing tar, fresh paint, graffiti, pollution marks and bird droppings!Awning Fabric Spot Remover can be used alone as a pre-spotter or mixed with Deep Clean to cut cleaning times on all types of woven awnings and some color-safe vinyls.

Protool Cleanup is a heavy duty cleaner is effective at most cleanup tasks, highly concentrated and used for cleaning and degreasing of exterior surfaces. It contains water-based solvents that cuts through dirt, great and grim with a non-corrosive formula. When mildew is not present use Clean up as a House Wash for Aluminum, Vinyl or Stucco Siding. Always rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly after product use and apply with Power Sprayer, Down Stream or X-Jet.