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High Reach Vac Systems

We provide Gutter vacuum poles and tools. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

Gutter Pole Gardiner 27ft Carbon Fiber standard Modular Extension #10 can be fitted onto a Super Max 50 or onto the SLX 39 & Super Max 45 with an Extension #9 fitted. Standard Modular Extension #10 can be fitted onto an Xtreme 44 and Xtreme 47. We recommend that no more than 4 of these are used with an Xtreme 47 pole. If wanting to use 4 extensions on an Xtreme 47 then all extensions would need switching to the High-Strength versions. Do not use 3 of these on an Xtreme 47 pole with the High-Strength versions added to the bottom. Please note that they may not be fully telescopic if using with a 3K 9 section pole. Please note that when fitting to a 9 section telescopic pole this section will not fully close up on the pole due to the stepped base part. This also means that the #10 clamp will not meet up with the base of the #9 clamp.

Gardiner Vacuum Cuffs Pole to Vac Hose, the fewer the number of leaks in your vacuum handling system, the greater the lifting capacity you will have with your vacuum pad attachment. This is where these quality vacuum hose connection accessories really pay for themselves. By selecting and using these connectors with the Gardiner Vacuum Hose, you can achieve virtually airtight connections throughout your system. Wherever you have connections, we recommend that plastic cuffs be used on all hose ends that are clamped onto our metal barbed fittings in addition to using Teflon tape to seal these fittings. Gardiner makes it simple to get the most out of your Vacuum Hose applications with this line of durable, easy-to-use connection accessories.

Vacuum Hose 2in 50ft Long without Cuffs is built to take abuse that everyday professional use dishes out. With smooth free flowing bore inside, it allows high air movement and efficient vacuum. Strong and yet highly flexible this hose is the perfect choice for both truckmount and portable use.

Quick-LoQ Camera Clamp Mount for #10 Gardiner Sections clamps on to our #10 Modular Sections and our Gutter Vac Heads (currently sold only through our Distributors). Allows any Quick-LoQ product with a female socket to be clamped to the Gutter Head or #10 Modular Section - such as the Quick-LoQ Action Camera Mount.

Hose Vac Connector 2in is a plastic adapter couplings are designed to make connections between two same sized diameter rubber hoses. These plastic adapters work well as cost-effective exhaust line fittings and intake fittings on Rough Vacuum Applications. Do not use these fittings on dual stage vacuum roughing lines or high vacuum applications.