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Titan Labs Oil Flo-Titan

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We provide Oli-Flo from Titan Labs which is useful specialised product for cleaning, this is handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All Titan Labs Oil Flo-Titan Products

Oil-Flo™ Safety Solvent Cleaner is a specialized product An effective solvent for stains, marks, and residues on glass and other hard surfaces. It removes stickers, adhesive residue (from tape and solar film, for example), caulking, roof tar, solar film, crayon, graffiti, magic marker, sign and nameplate residue. It removes organic stains such as asphalt, tar, oils, tree pitch, adhesive stickers, gum, candle wax, silicon caulk, roof tar, oil, etc. It also works well for removing graffiti. (it will not remove mineral deposits.) It is water soluble and contains no chlorinated fluorocarbons. Oil-Flo™ instantly bonds to petrochemicals, whatever they may be (sealer, asphalt, coal tar, adhesive, paint, etc.), and then bonds to oxygen molecules present in plain water. Oil-Flo is water soluble and has slow evaporation. Once the contaminants are dissolved, they can be washed away cleanly with water leaving zero residue. It is non-foaming, safe and very economical. It is essential for every window cleaner and film installer. It won’t harm the surface, it’ll just dissolve the stain to water which makes it easy to remove. Oil-Flo™ is our most aggressive cleaner and is used on everything from removing crayon stains to dissolving parking lots. Rinse with water. Use it for cleaning equipment, vehicles, applicators, tools, floors, machines, clothing, glass, steel, concrete, aluminum, and much more. Oil-Flo™ is ideal for cleanup of problems caused by overspray, tracking, spills, line breaks, and any time you have a stain and you want it removed quickly and safely. Works well on Plexiglass and some other thermoplastic surfaces but may damage Lexan oil flow.