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Purification Systems

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We provide Purification Systems from brands like IPC Eagle, Protool,  Spring, and Unger for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These systems are handpicked to provide our users with best in the industry experience while offering great pure water flow.

Carts, Truck Mounts, Van Mounts, Wall Mounts and Skids are prepared to meet your Pure Water production needs

All Purification Systems Products

  • EZ1Pro+ DI System Ettore
    Item #: 115-100 MPN: 84200 UPC: 032611842007
    Regular Price: $1,939.65
    Available Late July
    PPI: -1000001

Transform the way you clean with the groundbreaking  EcoLight 10, redefining entry-level pure water systems. Its robust stainless steel frame houses a compact 10" by 4.5" cartridge, combining Carbon and DI filtration with a high-efficiency 4040 RO Membrane. This powerhouse delivers a consistent gallon of water per minute, ensuring long filter life and superior water production. Experience the EcoLight difference: pristine results, optimized efficiency, and unparalleled reliability in water filtration.

Elevate your cleaning capabilities with the ProTool series, a lineup designed to meet and exceed the demands of Water Fed and solar panel cleaning tasks. Our carts are not just tools; they are engineered solutions, featuring standard water pressure valves for precise control, an in-line TDS meter for real-time water quality monitoring, and an output selection valve that offers the flexibility of choosing between RO water or dual-treated RO and DI water. Choose ProTool for the ultimate in cleaning performance, offering a feature-rich system that caters to professionals seeking efficiency, choice, and outstanding results.