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Walk Behind Vacuums

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We supply variety of walk behind vacuums and accessories from brands like IPC Eagle, Pulex, etc.

All Walk Behind Vacuums Products

  • Scrubber Walk Behind Eagle
    Item #: 258-115 MPN: CT15-B35 UPC: 00669893030114
    Regular Price: $4,458.30
    Available to Order, Estimated Delivery: Early August
    PPI: -7255
  • Brush 14in Soft Naturl for CT15 Scrubber
    Item #: 258-1151 MPN: SPPV02661 UPC: 00669893061798
    Regular Price: $272.50
    Available Early August
    PPI: -10005

Walk Behind Vaccums

One of the best quality product we provide is battery operated SmartVac vacuums carpets & sweeps floors at an incredible productivity rate, it automatically adjust to any surface, & even cleans its own filter. The main brush is self-levelling to account for uneven floors and will cope with all debris.

Then we have this manual sweeper is designed to be the easiest-to-use manual sweeper on the market. With a large hopper capacity, it provides a level of dust control unusual in a manual sweeper. The heavy-duty fully coated steel frame provides long-term durability.

We also provide the accessories such as pre-filter bag which is handy when the material is being vacuumed up is clogging the cartridges filter.