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Carbon & Alloy Goosenecks

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We provide Carbon & Alloy Goosenecks from Gardiner pole systems for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be handy.

All Carbon & Alloy Goosenecks Products

Gooseneck QuicK-LoQ DeepReach 34-47in has deep Reach Telescopically Adjustable Gooseneck with Carbon Fibre construction. It has 45° offset angle D shape construction to prevent twisting in use & Fits all Gardiner Poles and Brushes. Gives between 34" - 47" of reach with brush & Can be used with Quick-LoQ Extender to clean canopy roofs etc. Lightweight - 200g & Comes complete with 2m of PU gooseneck hose and 8mm-8mm push-fit connector. Please note: The gooseneck does not come with the brush & pole pictured.

Gooseneck Carbon 10in 55deg Quick-Loq comes with 55° Angle - Recommended for most work over 25-30ft. Photo shows optional Close Coupled Jet Hose Assembly - not included with this product. Please note: The gooseneck does not come with the brush & pole pictured.

Washing Adaptor 3/8in NPTF x 1/4in NPTF adapts Gardiner Pole to support a Solar Brush Connection. Comes with 3/8in Female Thread on Top End with a 1/4in Female Thread on Inserted End. Inserts into No.2 Section on Gardiner Pole. Solar Panel Cleaning is easier with a Quality Gardiner SLX Pole