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CLX/SLX Replacement Parts

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We provide CLX/SLX Replacement parts for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be handy.

All CLX/SLX Replacement Parts Products

Gardiner End Cap Replacements is made from tough rubberized PVC to replace existing end cap - please look at the number on the clamp of the base section for the size needed. WARNING - If removing sections from a pole & fitting a new size end cap to make a smaller pole, the new base section will not be insulated (except CLX) and there will be no electrical insulation from electric shocks

Angle Adaptor for EURO tip Water Fed Poles can be combined with an extension pole to use tools and brushes in hard-to-reach areas. Euro Universal threaded end fits any standard pole and brushes. Can be combined with other adapters to create more unique angles. Great for high and hard-to-reach jobs Set and lock in 13 different working angles. Suitable for use with painting tools, window cleaning tools and dusters.

Gardiner Lever Complete replacement for Gardiner Water Fed Poles. Nylon Lever is part of the Smart Clamp System. Featuring the most advanced WFP clamping system in the world today and Fits the Clamps on all Gardiner Poles.