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Gardiner Pole Systems Brushes Gardiner Poles

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We provide Gardiner WFP Brushes for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

All Gardiner Pole Systems Brushes Gardiner Poles Products

Gardiner Brush for Water Fed poles feature the Quick-Loq "Square" adaptor that makes brush management easy and secure, no spinning brushes and easy swap or gooseneck changes. The Capsule jets are easy to change or replace to get the precise water flow you are looking for. A lightweight everyday brush with more compact bristle length. An excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage & longevity Available is several bristle styles, Stiff, Medium/Soft and Flocked.

Brush Ultimate 18in TaperTec Gardiner 4 Jets is the ultimate in cleaning, offers superior scrubbing power, similar to a natural fiber but with out the weight. The TaperTec Bristles are supple, splaying out on the glass easily for superior cleaning while being easy to rinse, the operator is even able rinse on the glass. It is suitable for use with water temperatures up to 90°F and includes 1 pair of Jet Pencil Jet Capsules, tubing and T connector. It attaches to the acclaimed QuickLok Gooseneck system and adaptors, this makes for easy adaptability for cleaning most any surface. Comes with tapered bristles with a dual height and dual bristle tip type. The tapered bristles mimic the effect of natural bristle material, but with greater consistency.

Jet Capsule Extender Bar used when rinsing through the brush to slow, Rinsing above the brush is faster for cleaning Solar Panels, Siding, Granite, etc. Simple to install and remove from any Gardiner Brush with Jet Capsules as well as the Quick-LoQ Scrub Pad Holder. Allows for over the brush rinsing with an easy, simple to install extender. and offers a choice of Jet Capsules to suit your rinsing needs. Better for many applications than a rinse bars as your can easily swap jets, Includes a 50 degree Fan Jet in the mounting point that sprays through the brush. Not suitable for use on windows with Rubber Seals, Recessed or Sash windows where the frame interferes with the brush strokes