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General Cleaning

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We provide general cleaning products from J.Racenstein, Protool, etc. These items are hand picked to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning.

All General Cleaning Products

  • ProTool Clean Up
    Item #: 83-04M
    $28.25 - $109.80
    2 options available
    PPI: 23138.88
  • ProTool Chandelier Cleaner Qt
    Item #: 89-80 MPN: 91320 UPC: 00669893050006
    Regular Price: $27.75
    In Stock
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    PPI: 1800
  • White Cotton Gloves (12 Pack)
    Item #: 56-201 MPN: 80-1330-C2 UPC: 00669893034143
    Regular Price: $11.50
    In Stock
    PPI: 230

The heavy duty cleaner from Protool is effective at most cleanup tasks, highly concentrated and used for cleaning and degreasing of exterior surfaces. Contains water-based solvents that cuts through dirt, great and grim with a non-corrosive formula. 

We also provide Cotton gloves are great for chandeliers, coach lights and other delicate interior cleaning tasks. Keeps the oils from your fingers from transferring onto the cleaned surfaces while remaining nimble fingered. 

Then the Chandelier Cleaner Sprays on drips and dries brilliantly clean. Sparkle Plenty crystal cleaner is safe for all finishes and leaves no residue. No wipe required just spray and let drip dry. Cleans clear or colored plastic, crystal, and porcelain.