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Grabbers & Nabbers

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Grabbers and Nabbers from brands like Ettore, JRacenstein, Unger, etc will help you keep your yard clean without hurting your back. It makes your job easier & faster, Helps you avoid bending, stretching.

All Grabbers & Nabbers Products

The Nifty Nabber Grabber from JRacenstein is equipped with built in magnets that will help you to pickup petty metal items like keys, coins & nails. • Makes it easy to reach items on ground or kept on high shelves by squeezing the handle to wrap the claw around the large & odd shaped items with lot of ease. It is perfect durable & sturdy reaching tool with strong claws that can grip small things.

Then the Paper Picker Pin 42in from Unger is a lightweight and picks up everything with its long pin such as paper, plastic cups, cans, etc. Its 42" length eliminates bending and reduces back strain.Durable, lightweight steel body with replaceable pin plug. Ideal for picking up paper, debris and cans without bending.

The Nifty Nabber Grabber Red 18inch from Unger is a powerful rubber over molded steel fingers grip and firmly hold small and odd shaped objects. Its ergonomic handle minimizes wrist strain to insure comfortable operation. Working components made for years of problem free operations. It’s an all purpose grabber with powerful, gear-driven claws to pick up litter, cans, broken bottles, dangerous or unsanitary items, etc., in addition to retrieving out-of-reach items. It is available in four different lengths.