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J.Racenstein Interior Sprayers

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We provide Interior sprayer products and accessories from brands like Protool, JRacenstein, etc. these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and provide best quality result.

All J.Racenstein Interior Sprayers Products

  • Battery 12v 8AH Universal
    Item #: 150-063 MPN: D5743 Ub1280 12V 8ah UPC: 00669893018044
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    PPI: 10420

ProTool Power Sprayer Chemical Sprayer Gun w/ 2 Batteries is • One of the most versatile and easy-to-use sprayers on the market with commercial grade viton seals make it compatible with a wide variety of chemical liquid. It is interchangeable and adjustable nozzles make it extremely versatile. Provides Up to 100 psi. Shoots a stream up to 30ft high and is self-priming up to 15ft of lift. The telescopic spray lance and multi-directional nozzle make it easy to get into hard to reach places. Steady and controllable flow rate using a 2.6Ah rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that continuously runs over 2hours with quick charger that charges the battery in 90 minutes

Then we have the Electrostatic BackPack Sprayer 12v Battery Powered which provides electrostatic Spraying improved product adhesion to the surface, the media sprayed is broken down into very small charged particles that are attracted to the surface. This Electrostatic attraction allows for coverage of more surfaces surfaces than relying on a gravity based spread of the droplets. The positively charged droplets will wrap around surfaces and attach themselves on vertical surfaces as well as the underside surface. Powered by pulsed electric motors this sprayer produces spiral vibrating air to carry the droplets onto the surface. The high pressure tips break the liquid down at the nozzle instantly with the fluid nebulizing into a mist with particle size from 5 to 50µm (micron). The sprayer sends this fine mist or fog rapidly spreading into the air offering a high penetration and and adhesion.