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ProTool Scrubbers and Pads

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We provide a variety of Scrubber pads and accessories like Wijer Pads, Holders, Powered Polisher, White Scrubber Pads, White Nylon Scrub Pads, Pad Holders - Round, White Shark Sleeves, Scrub Pads & Gripper, Mr. Hard Water Knuckler, Bronze Wool, J Flint Scrub Products, Scrub on Sponge Pads, Poly Pad, Applicator Hand Pad, Round Scrub Pads, Nylon Scrub, Steel Wool, Walnut Scrub, etc.

All ProTool Scrubbers and Pads Products

Sponge with White Backing Pad is a white light duty scouring pad laminated to an absorbent cellulose sponge. This White Sponge with Backing Pad gets the job done while being gentle enough not to harm surfaces.

Then we have the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser offers Powerful Cleaning with Water Alone. Melaimine sponge material contains micro scrubbers that lift and remove the dirt on your finishes. The textured surface cleans walls, bathtubs, oven doors, the marks on light switches and doors. Particularily good at cleaning silicone and other debris from windows, glass tabletopn and other hard surfaces.

The Quick-LoQ swivel pad holder from Gardiner will attach to the Quick-LoQ double adapter. Attaches to any Quick-LoQ male gooseneck connector. Has a Quick-LoQ female socket and works with the Doodlebug type white light abrasion cleaning pads

We also have Aluminum Pad Holder 8in Handheld Unger which is perfect hand control and power distribution while cleaning glass with less drag. Full coverage hook and loop fastener backing for strong hold of pads