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Tucker Water Fed Poles

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We provide Tucker water fed poles for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaningand prove to be useful.

All Tucker Water Fed Poles Products

Tucker Water Fed Pole Carbon Fiber is a quality pole, assembled in the USA and made from high grade carbon fiber material This pole maintains great rigidity while being light weight, Carbon fiber poles are durable, light-weight, and incredibly strong. Tucker® V2 clamps with over-sized knobs, allowing a tight clamp of your pole sections.

Pole High Modulus 50ft Tucker is made from high modulus carbon fiber and reaching an extended length of 46’. High Modulus Carbon Fiber poles have a serious rigidity for working at heights. The poles extends easily and the clamps adjust and tighten firmly with the Tucker® clamping system. If you are looking to work higher than this model allows on its own you can add extension sections to reach great heights