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Pure Water Truck & Wall Mount

We provide Pure water tank delivery systems which are engineered specifically for the window cleaner. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

Dual User RODI Tank System - Fill n Go, by RHG Products are truck mount spot-free water systems have been engineered specifically for the window cleaner. Features include an industry best 1:1 recovery rate. That means less down the drain and more RO water for your application. Also features Tucker's serviceable housings and integrated quick connect fittings. 2 pumps: Boost pump, increases production into the tank, rated 5.3 gpm output, at 90 psi at the bypass; Delivery pump pushes water up the hose, rated 1.4 gpm, at 100 psi.

Spring High Current Pump Controller V16 HC Basic is designed for 5 to 10 gpm 12v pumps that draw up to 35 Amps of current Pump Controllers, Extend Pump and Battery life and offer control over pump flow Set the flow you want on the controller, Turn the Pump on and off from the Controller. Reducing pump speed reduces power used and mechanical wear. Fine control of the water flow rates means water use is kept to a minimum, allowing you to complete more jobs on the same tank. Unit comes with necessary wires and wiring diagram. The V16 High Current (V16HC) is a more powerful pump controller designed for controlling pumps up to 35 Amps.