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Tucker Manufacturing Tucker DI System

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We provide Tucker DI System for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

All Tucker Manufacturing Tucker DI System Products

  • Tucker Hand Carry DI System
    Item #: Z150-0368 MPN: T-DIHandCarry UPC: 00669893017061
    Regular Price: $323.35
    Available to Order, Estimated Delivery: Late May
    PPI: -9485

Tucker Hand Carry DI System is designed for those looking for the ultimate in portability in their TuckerĀ® DI syste, the Hand Carry DI is lightweight and easy to handle. Designed for low TDS areas or for the occasional usage. Simply hook up the inlet of the system to your tap water supply and the output to your TuckerĀ® water fed pole. As the water flows throught the system the filter removes all of the minerals in the water supply. You can replace the DI filter with a ready to use replacement filter or you can purchase bulk DI resin and refill yourself for far less. Comes with the following: (1) Hand Carry DI System (1) Virgin Resin DI Filter (1) Hand Held TDS meter for checking water quality (1) Wrench for opening the System and changing DI filter.

Pro-Rinse DI System Tucker is a versatile DI System for weekly or occasional use. Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it can easily be removed from the vehicle and carried to the job site. These systems are a single stage filtration system meaning they are best used in areas with low TDS water or if you plan to only use spot free water on the occasional basis. Simple set up and use. Simply connect your tap water hose to the inlet and your pure water hose to the outlet.