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O-Ring Replacements

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We provide different types of O-ring replacements which are useful in Pressure washing, these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be handy.

All O-Ring Replacements Products

  • 3/8in QC O-Ring Viton
    Item #: 74-4312 MPN: OR-112-VT-75-BROWN UPC: 00669893042216
    Regular Price: $0.70
    In Stock
    PPI: 10520
  • 1/4in QC O-Ring Viton each
    Item #: 74-4302 MPN: OR-110-VT-75-Brown UPC: 00669893042193
    Regular Price: $0.65
    In Stock
    PPI: 10380
  • 3/8in QC O-Ring Buna
    Item #: 74-4311 MPN: OR-112-BN-70-BLACK UPC: 00669893042209
    Regular Price: $0.30
    In Stock
    PPI: 10220
  • O Ring Pick Set 6 pack
    Item #: 74-4300 MPN: 3958 UPC: 00669893042179
    Regular Price: $20.15
    In Stock
    PPI: 710
  • 1/4 in QC O-Ring Buna
    Item #: 74-4301 MPN: OR-110 BN-70-Black UPC: 00669893042186
    Regular Price: $0.30
    In Stock
    PPI: 310

O Ring Pick Set 6 pack works great for removing worn o rings in tight places. You can depend on these for no loss of nozzles. This set of 6 is of very good quality Steel material and meant for the long run.

1/4in QC O-Ring Viton is made up of viton rubber is compatible with many chemicals and cleaners. It is designed for 1/4" Quick Connect fittings found on many pressure washer wands and hoses. Its compatible with temperatures up to 400F and is also tear and abrasion resistant.

1/4 in QC O-Ring Buna are interchangeable on quick connects from Hansen, Breco, and Adams. Buna o-rings are designed to wear longer.