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RHG Tucker

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The oldest and most trusted brand of water fed poles and brushes in the world, the Tucker brand offers quality products for professional waterfed window cleaning. 

All RHG Tucker Products

Find the professional window cleaning kits & equipment you need from Tucker USA. shop large selection of water fed pole kits. Manufactured in the USA. from the Industry Leaders. Shop our selection of Tucker® Water Fed poles, brushes, purification systems, and all manner of commercial window cleaning equipment.

Find a variety of product line from RHG-Tucker Gutter Poles, Pure Water Systems, Tucker Pole Parts, Tucker Brushes and Tucker Water Fed Poles at JRacenstein official website ready to be ordered and shipped.

Tucker Gold Aluminum Replacement Section Water Fed Pole Full Clean Centre provides durable, high-quality water fed poles. These poles are versatile and are an effective window cleaning tool that helps you to clean windows that are even 8-6 feet. Our Water Fed poles are made of carbon fibre and require no training to operate them. With our quality equipment, you can complete your cleaning task effortlessly and on time.

Fill n Go 50 Gallon RO/DI Dual User from Tucker, Truck mount spot-free water systems have been engineered specifically for the window cleaner. Features include an industry best 1:1 recovery rate. That means less down the drain and more RO water for your application. Also features Tucker's serviceable housings and integrated quick connect fittings. 2 pumps: Boost pump, increases production into the tank, rated 5.3 gpm output, at 90 psi at the bypass; Delivery pump pushes water up the hose, rated 1.4 gpm, at 100 psi.

Tucker Original Water Fed Brush Polyurethane foam center designed especially for washing large windows with no horizontal dividers. Long outsides bristles are flared to get in corners and clean trim around the glass.Tucker is the gold standard when it comes to Water Fed Pole Brushes! Tucker Brushes are available in the three basic brush materials: Nylon, Boar's Hair and Hybrid. Tucker Brushes provide great scrubbing power as well as durability and will fit on all modern water fed poles. In fact, all of our popular are fitted with Tucker poles. Tucker Brushes are available in 12 or 18-inches with multiple jet configurations. Many popular add on accessories are also available to purchase including the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar and the Ticker Swivel Gooseneck which allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Tucker Water Fed Pole Carbon Fiber is a quality pole, assembled in the USA and made from high grade carbon fiber material This pole maintains great rigidity while being light weight, Carbon fiber poles are durable, light-weight, and incredibly strong. Tucker® V2 clamps with over-sized knobs, allowing a tight clamp of your pole sections.

Pole High Modulus 50ft Tucker is made from high modulus carbon fiber and reaching an extended length of 46’. High Modulus Carbon Fiber poles have a serious rigidity for working at heights. The poles extends easily and the clamps adjust and tighten firmly with the Tucker® clamping system. If you are looking to work higher than this model allows on its own you can add extension sections to reach great heights