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Tucker Brushes

We provide Tucker Brushes for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

Tucker Original Water Fed Brush Polyurethane foam center designed especially for washing large windows with no horizontal dividers. Long outsides bristles are flared to get in corners and clean trim around the glass.Tucker is the gold standard when it comes to Water Fed Pole Brushes! Tucker Brushes are available in the three basic brush materials: Nylon, Boar's Hair and Hybrid. Tucker Brushes provide great scrubbing power as well as durability and will fit on all modern water fed poles. In fact, all of our popular are fitted with Tucker poles. Tucker Brushes are available in 12 or 18-inches with multiple jet configurations. Many popular add on accessories are also available to purchase including the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar and the Ticker Swivel Gooseneck which allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Tucker ALPHA Brush for Euro Water Fed Poles is the ultimate in waterfed brushes. The brush includes a 10" block, jets internally plumbed for rinse inside the bristles as well as a lightweight plastic rinse bar. The bristles added to the 10" block makes the brush 12" in total. You have the option of rinsing inside the bristles or using the over the top with the rinse bar. The brush comes on a swivel gooseneck giving you maximum flexibility on the job. The Alpha Brush is available in boar's hair bristles, nylon, or hybrid (a combination of nylon and boar's bristle). The Over the Top Rinse Bar and Tucker Gooseneck are also available by themselves.

Tucker Alpha Scrubber for Euro Tip Pole includes Holder with 10 pads blends the Tucker Alpha brush concept with durable white scrub pads for those extremely dirty jobs.Comes complete with 10 replacement pads custom made for the Alpha Scrubber. The Tucker Alpha Scrubber is the ultimate commercial grade polyester scrubbing pad for jobs requiring heavy cleaning to remove dried, caked on dirt and grime from any window. The Alpha Scrubber is unique in that it does not have traditional brush bristles and uses a thick scrubbing pad that traps dirt particles and pulls them away from the glass.The over the top rinse bar pours a cascade of water over the top of the brush allowing the water to fan over the glass and quickly rinse any debris from the cleaning area.This allows a fast rinse with minimal effort, saving your body from premature fatigue.The brush includes our proprietary swiveling gooseneck, which allows you to slide the brush across the glass without taking it away from the glass. This kit also comes with 10 replacement pads, giving it a long-life span before needing replacements. Tucker Alpha Scrubber by Harry Falk window cleaning supplies and equipment Waterfed Poles and Parts.