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Ettore Water Fed Poles

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We provide Water fed poles from Ettore for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All Ettore Water Fed Poles Products

The AquaClean hybrid 14-inch brush is equipped with two pencil jets, leaving glass perfectly clean. It comes with aquaclean nylon and boar's hair brush has soft bristles to remove any dirt or debris from any window or surface. The water jet are more from high quality brass fittings that sprays water just enough to cover large lengths of windows or surfaces. Keep in mind that the 14 inch brush only has a single pair of jets, while the 18 inch has a double pair of jets.

Aquaclean Carbon Fiber Poles is designed to deliver a balance between rigidity and weight, without sacrificing durability or strength. Each pole has an aluminum outer tube that provides strength while protecting the carbon fiber inner pole. Clamps are designed to have positive locking tabs that won't release unintentionally. The tapered bottom clamp prevents snagging. A durable endcap protects the end of the pole and features a side hose aperture to prevent kinks. All poles come with a 12" brush, angle adaptor, and hose. • Additional size brushes sold separately.

EZ1Pro+ DI System Ettore is super portable and lightweight Reusable and sustainable resin filter. Easy and time-saving resin replacement Work two poles on a single unit. High pressure with superior water purity 3.3 gallon de-mineralization capacity. Stainless steel pressure housing.