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Gardiner Pole Systems Brushes, Brush Parts

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We provide Brushes and Brush parts from brands like Unger, Protool, etc. for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

All Gardiner Pole Systems Brushes, Brush Parts Products

Tucker Original Water Fed Brush comes with polyurethane foam center designed especially for washing large windows with no horizontal dividers. Long outsides bristles are flared to get in corners and clean trim around the glass.Tucker is the gold standard when it comes to Water Fed Pole Brushes! Tucker Brushes are available in the three basic brush materials: Nylon, Boar's Hair and Hybrid. Tucker Brushes provide great scrubbing power as well as durability and will fit on all modern water fed poles. In fact, all of our popular are fitted with Tucker poles. Tucker Brushes are available in 12 or 18-inches with multiple jet configurations. Many popular add on accessories are also available to purchase including the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar and the Ticker Swivel Gooseneck which allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Tucker Brush Boar Hair for Euro Water Fed Poles is a  lightweight Boar's hair brush that will fit plastic angle goosenecks. When you need the most aggressive scrubbing brush to tackle built-up dirt, this Tucker Brush is your top contender. This brush features natural boars hair bristles that scrub away dirt and grime with ease. Each Tucker brush is outfitted with a centralized tee fitting that has a common euro thread socket so it threads onto a standard waterfed pole. The push to fit fitting makes a quick connection to your supply hose to get water flowing through the brush. Choose from either 4 pencil jets, great for hydrophilic glass, or 4 fan jets for hydrophobic glass. Sitting on a 10 inch block, select the 12 inch brush for more precision, or the 18 inch style to work larger areas. Size measured by width of bristles, not block length. Brush fitting style may vary.

Unger Brush nLite Radius Green for Euro Water Fed poles is lightweight for a 16 inch bilevel brush it features high quality polyester bristles designed to get into the corners and help with the scrubbing actions. The Radius Brush - is designed to allow you to keep the bristles on the glass at a variety of angles as you use the waterfed pole at different hights, also the Radius helps you clean the sills by putting brushes where you need them. Most conventional brushes only have fixed jets, the nLite supports moveable jets and offers postions for multiple jets in different positions. When purchased from J.Racenstein, this nLite brush will arrive with 4 quick release pencil jets (2 Euro Size Jets and 2 Medium Flow Jets) and has been adapted by adding in push fit connectors to allow this nLite brush to fit most standard waterfed poles with Euro sized hoses. This brush arrives Setup to allow use of 2 Pencil Jets at a time additional connectors will be required to run more that 2 jets at once.

Brush Dual Trim with Hybrid Nylon Outside, Boars Hair Interior Bristles Tucker is made right here in the US to the highest standards and is an ideal solution for any seasoned professional. This brush comes with dual trim boar and nylon bristles for the window, solar panel cleaning professional to position the outside bristles into the corners. Dual Trim Nylon and Boars Hair bristles offers superior cleaning with minimal effort