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Ladders and Accessories

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Shop window cleaning ladders and ladder accessories at JRacenstein.com. We provide stack ladders which can be configured as per required height and these are very sturdy and rugged in applications.

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Ladders and Accessories

Although step ladders and extension ladders are very useful for a variety of tasks, Window Cleaners' Ladders are certainly the best ladders for window cleaners. These specialised access devices are shaped like an A, with side rails that taper to a triangular apex.

For experts, sectional window washing ladders are a need. The top portion is made to fit into small spaces, such as window frames. 

For the majority of your tasks, you should choose an extension ladder that is long enough to reach the top. For second floor windows, 20-foot extension ladders are typically sufficient, but if you need to reach higher. You can select the ladder with specific height you need from our website.

Individual-rung/step ladders must have a minimum of 16 inches of clear space between the sides, and other fixed ladders must have a minimum of 18 inches of clear space between the side rails. All portable ladders must have a minimum of 11 1/2 inches between side rails.

Ladder Center 06ft from Metallic Ladder Mfg. Corp. is  a lightweight, easily transported ladder sections 6 feet tall each and this sectional ladder stacked height is up to 21' i.e. manufacture specifications state that a maximum of 4 Ladder Sections can be used to reach 21ft high.