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Poles and Accessories

Shop for Poles and Accessories from top manufacturers like from a trusted source in the building and window cleaning supplies industry since 1909. We provide poles accessories including grabbers, grippers, reachers and all other pole parts.

Poles and Accessories

Extension poles are very handy in reaching those tall spaces where human hands fall short to reach, they easily reach the corners and provide perfect cleaning surface. They can be used in commercial complexes, residential premises as well as industrial areas, extension poles useful everywhere. combining them with Grabbers, Grippers and Reachers make them more effective tool then any other.

Unger's  "Opti-Loc Telescopic Pole" is built for the professional, the tubes are extruded aluminum with strudy locking colars and comfort grips, The ErgoTec locking cone accepts a wide variery of industry attachments, making the pole versital in many applications from Window Cleanig to Painting and gutter cleaning. Anodized aluminum pole with nylon collars gives it additional strength. 

ProCurve Pole 12ft 3 Sects is built of Fiberglass pole and anodized aluminum inner tube and Tapered adaptor allows Mr. Longarm ProCurve tools to rotate smoothly. It easily wash windows of all sizes and shapes including solariums and atriums and reach around obstructions, such as, flowers, shrubs, etc.

Pole HydraSoar FloThru 12ft is Water Fed telescoping extension pole with full handle insulated foam cover. The anodized aluminum handle and slider won’t rust. It attaches to a standard garden hose with a flow control shut-off valve