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Scrubbers, Polishing Pads

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Keeping windows clean and maintained is essential since it not only gets rid of dust, filth, and stains but also gives the structure a strong, polished appearance. Cleaning a smooth, shining glass windows that requires special attention is different from cleaning rustic or porous surfaces, such of those found in industrial settings. This is why additional parts of industrial cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and polishing pads are so important in the cleaning sector to achieve the best outcomes.

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Protool, Unger and Wiljer are few quality brands we promote on our website which provide premium range of scrubbers and polishing pads. Different types of scrubber pads available made of materials like coconut and walnuts shells, nylon, etc. For scrubbing we also have effective scrubbers made of bronze wool and steel wool.

Polishing becomes very less time consuming when you have powertools handy with you like Wireless Speed Polisher Portable. This piece of equipment can be very effective in saving your time and efforts. We have polishing pads available as well in various sizes which user can select as per the specific requirement.

To make scrubbing and polishing much easier we have kits for our customers which helps them to get a one stop solution for their window cleaning. We recommend Mr.Hardwater Deluxe Kit 110v to cover all your respective needs.