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Butterfly Kit - Ettore

Quick Overview

  • The "butterfly" is a combination of 2 mop heads and a dual head adapter
  • Use this technique on an extention pole to clean windows indoor
  • Use extra pads when cleaning many windows
  • Slight assembly required

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Butterfly Kit - Ettore

The "butterfly" is a combination of 2 mop heads and a dual head adapter. When put all together, it looks like a "butterfly." 

Use this technique on an extension pole to clean windows indoors. 

Spray a foam cleaner on one side to clean the glass, then flip and use the other side to dry. 

Make sure to purchase additional replacement mop covers if you're cleaning multiple windows.

This Kit includes the items below:

157-398 - Bolt Thick for Reach Around (Qty:1)
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Original Price: $83.80