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Gardiner #10 WFP Conversion Kit

Quick Overview

  • This kit adapts the Gardiner #10 sections into a Water Fed Pole.
  • The #10 sections are modular and can be used by themself.

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 Available Early July
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Gardiner #10 WFP Conversion Kit

Gardiner #10 WFP Conversion Kit

This kit adapts the Gardiner #10 sections into a Water Fed Pole. The #10 sections are modular and can be used by themself. Using this kit, create a second pole from sections you already have. 

Female hose connector with builtin Valve
Attaches to a Garden Hose End to allow Quick Disconnect to other Fittings
Also attached to Ionic Water Fed Pole systems and purification cartridges.
Used to connect the ends of WFP (Ionic,Unger) Poles to Garden hose fittings.
Be sure to double check your fitting type.

  • Stays flexible in Winter and robust in Summer
  • Operating temperature zone: -14° to 86°F
  • 5/16in OD x 3/16in ID (8mm OD / 5mm ID)
  • Lightweight and low memory formulation
  • For use with cold and warm water WFP systems
  • Gardiner Poles Quality with 6 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty

5/16'' Push Fit to Male 3/4" Quick Connect.Comes as a stock hose fitting on most waterfed poles.Typically sold with a shut off valve. See part # 150-150.Cone shaped, black, metal.

Angle Adaptor Quick-LoQ® Resi-Neck 1StdQuick Loq Angle Adaptor Type 1Water through the Adaptor design this isolates the brush connection from the pole hose


  • 5/16in PushFit push fit top connection
  • 5/16in Stem base connection
  • 3.5 inch length of PVC hose to connect to the brush connector
    • Note: If you are using with a Brush Extender or other add-on accessory (such as a Gutter Spike) you will need a longer length of hose
  • Quick Release lever to adjust angle of the brush


Innovative Quick-LoQ® Gooseneck System offers ease of use coupled with maximum adaptability

Maintenance recommendation: remove from pole every 2-3 months and clean connecting surfaces

Use this and the long bolt to create a "reach around" for your brush

Innovative new tool from that allows users of a waterfed pole to attach an accessory to the backside of their pole and aid in cleaning windows such as scrapers or a scrubbing washer/t-bar.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction Allows a Gardiner gooseneck to be fittedAnd used with #10 Modular SectionsComes with #1 clamp fitted to top

Gardiner Brushes feature the Quick-Loq "Square" adaptor that makes brush management easy and secure, no spinning brushes and easy swap or gooseneck changes.

The Capsule jets are easy to change or replace to get the precise water flow you are looking for.

Ultimate™ – A lightweight everyday brush with more compact bristle length. An excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage & longevity Available is several bristle styles, Stiff, Medium/Soft and Flocked.

Super-Lite® – Gardiner's original full-bodied longer bristled brush. Excellent all-rounder with great longevity & glass coverage. Best Selling Gardiner Water Fed Brush.

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