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Gardiner TRAD Extension Pole with Tip

Quick Overview

  • Comes with tip for traditional cleaning tools
  • Works will all major brand over the top pole tips
  • 14 feet at full extension
  • 3 Section Carbon Composite Gardiner Pole
  • Also great for use with Protool Sprayer

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Gardiner TRAD Extension Pole with Tip

The Gardiner line of poles are nicely improved.

Often referred to Trad Pole, this come with an Ettore Pro+ Pole tip. 

Any major brand pole tip that fits over the top can be used. 

Thicker clamps that are grooved at each end to prevent finger pinching while collapsing pole.

Levers now have an aluminum pivot nut.

Gardiner CLX  14 ft pole is a 3 section telescopic carbon composite pole. Best for working with heights of 18-20 ft. 

This Kit includes the items below:

890-4142 - CLX 14ft bare pole only (Qty:1)
157-420 - Pole Tip Adapter Gardiner (Qty:1)

Your Price: $
Original Price: $188.35