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Rappel Rack SS Tie off bar and 5 Aluminum Brake Bars

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  • 6 bar stainless steel rack with 6 aluminum brake bars.

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Rappel Rack SS Tie off bar and 5 Aluminum Brake Bars

Rappel Rack with a Stainless Steel Tie Off Bar and 5 Aluminum Brake Bars

6 bar stainless steel rack with one Stainless Steel Tie-off Bar with Pin and 5 aluminum brake bars.

The Rappel Rack equipped with a Stainless Steel Tie Off Bar and 5 Aluminum Brake Bars represents a versatile tool offering precise friction adjustments. Distinguished from U racks, the J Frame racks, or Open Racks, provide unparalleled control over the descent speed by allowing users to add or remove bars while under load. This unique feature empowers the user to fine-tune the friction, offering exceptional maneuverability during rappelling activities.

The construction of SMC J racks stands out due to its top-notch quality. Forged from stainless steel bar stock and meticulously welded, these racks exemplify exceptional durability and strength. Their design incorporates six bars, providing a wide spectrum of friction levels during the descent process. The primary bar, enduring the most stress, is crafted from stainless steel, fortified with a Tie-Off Bar that allows for secure tie-offs or quick addition of extra friction as needed. Meanwhile, the remaining five bars are precision-machined from high-grade aluminum, ensuring reliability and performance.

With longer dimensions and the inclusion of six precisely engineered bars, the SMC J racks offer extensive adaptability when it comes to controlling friction. The stainless steel top bar, featuring the Tie-Off Bar, is specifically designed for wear resistance and additional safety measures. Its function not only addresses wear and tear concerns but also allows quick and effective tie-offs or the addition of extra friction when required. The aluminum bars add to the lightweight and precision-engineered composition, providing a balance between durability and overall performance during various descent operations.

Assembly Required

Features and Benefits:

  • Adjust friction by adding or removing bars while under load
  • Brake bars are replaceable
  • May be used as either a rappel or lowering device
  • Does not twist rope, as can occur when using a Figure 8 type descender
  • Meticulously welded eye
  • May be used with single or double ropes of varying diameters
  • Provides wide range of friction and control under varying weights and applications.
  • Equipped with one stainless steel Tie-Off Bar and 5 Aluminum bars for extra friction and control
  • Made in the USA


  • Material: Stainless Steel Frame & Tie-Off Bar, 5 Aluminum Brake Bars
  • Finish: Polished Anodized
  • Dimensions: 14.4" Long
  • Weight: 29.2 oz (828g)
  • NFPA1983 Certified

This Kit includes the items below:

93-405 - Rappel Rack Frame only SS (Qty:1)
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