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A mechanism that will assist you in safely climbing down a rope, and is often used in rescue, mountaineering, window cleaning of sky scrapers, gardening, etc. Descender is a very handy tool.

All Descenders Products


Descenders are created to assist in controlling friction and the descent on a fixed rope. They let a worker to set a shop anywhere along the rope.

With brands like Bluewater, Descent control, J.Racenstein, Kong Safety equipment, Miller, Mio Mechanical, Petzl, Pigeon Mountain Ind. and Rescue technology you choose from a wide variety of product line and order them.

Some descenders we provide are easy to attach/detach from rope without detaching from the operator’s harness while some have double safety locking mechanism, which means when loaded, the side plates cannot be rotated open due to the positioning of the carabiner and the push button click-lock safety closure.

We also provide some descenders which have Aluminum alloy construction for tenacity and endurance and Spring loaded descender to control rope and a built in safety brake.

Apart from these we have accessories required for these descenders so that you can have a one stop solution. Bar brake top, Rappel rack frame, Rope grab, Figure 8, etc.