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Water Pump Kit 12v Pump w/ HC Controller

Quick Overview

  • This Kit is ready to be asembled and put to use via a connection to Garden Hose fittings or 1/2in NPT Female connections and includes a Pump Controller to improve battery life
  • Intended for continuous operation and runs efficiently at 45 to 60 psi pressure
  • Chemical Resistant Components Rated for SH
  • The pump controller offers specific control of the pump speed and psi, offering longer battery life via improved efficiency while extending the pumps service life
  • Typically Flows at 2.5 to 3.0 Gallons per minute and Transfer 50 Gallons in 17 Minutes or less

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Water Pump Kit 12v Pump w/ HC Controller

Water Fed Pole, Solar Brush or Chem-Wash Delivery Pump Kit with the Plumbing

Water Pump Kit 12v 90psi 5 GPM Pump and Pump Controller for Spaying, Water Fed Pole and Solar Brushes

Pump Kit Water or Chemical 12v rated at 3.8 gpm continous at 40psi see chart below for more rated flows


  • 1/2 in. slide ports
  • Capable of running dry
  • Demand pump @ 90psi Max
  • Flow and Pressure is adjustable via the Pump Controller
  • 110v permanent magnet motor weather sealed pump
  • Totally enclosed non-venting
  • Thermally protected
  • 2ea Slide Fittings to 1/2in Tube
  • 4 Feet of Polyethylene Tubing
  • 2ea Tube to 1/2in npt Male adaptors
  • 1ea 1/2in to Garden Hose Male Fitting
  • 1ea 1/2in to Garden Hose Female Fitting
  • High Current capable Spring Pump Controller
Note: Some Assembly needed for the fittings and Tubing and wiring for the Controller to the battery and pump

Typically runs at 40 to 55 psi Delivering 3.2 to 3.8 gallons per minute delivered to the pole/sprayer 

Flow at



20 psi

40 psi

60 psi

80 psi

90 psi







In Gallons Per Minute

Capable of Running Dry for short periods

Self Priming to 10ft

Bypass Style Pump @ Max 90psi managed by the High Current Pump controller

12v Permanent Magnet Motor Pump

Thermally Protected

Fittings as described are included

This pump is meant to be used at medium (40 to 70psi) pressures for things like Spraying water, SH and can transfer Chemical Batches from one tank to another.

Useful for:

  • Loading RO or purified Water into a Delivery Tank on a Vehicle
  • Loading SH (Bleach) from an on property storage tank to the Tank on a Service Vehicle
  • Loading a Premixed or Mixing a Batch of Chemical mix onto a service vehicle from multipe on site Tanks.
Thermally protected motor, at a typical flow rate of 3 Gallons per minute will run continuously 

Typically run at 40 to 45 psi and at that pressure is delivering 2.5 to 3 gallons per minute at the pole.

This pump will perform all of the functions of the smaller 1.1 GPM pump, 

more efficiently and will likely last longer on the battery too, while at the same time be capable of more flow for Solar or order high flow needs

For Solar this pump is used to supply water to the either of the Electric Solar Brushes from a Battery System supporting both the brush and the pump.

Slide Port Fittings allow for easy Pump removal, This could be to bring it in out of the weather or to allow for movement of the pump from on Tank Station to another Station or if the pump needs to be replaced for other reasons.

Water Pump Kit 12v Pump w/ HC Controller

Included in this Kit is the 

Spring High Current Pump Controller

V16 HC Basic

Designed for 5 to 10 gpm 12v pumps that draw up to 35 Amps of current

Pump Controllers, Extend Pump and Battery life and offer control over pump flow

Set the flow you want on the controller, Turn the Pump on and off from the Controller.

Reducing pump speed reduces power used and mechanical wear.

Fine control of the water flow rates means water use is kept to a minimum, allowing you to complete more jobs on the same tank.

Unit comes with necessary wires and wiring diagram.

The V16 High Current (V16HC) is a more powerful pump controller designed for controlling pumps up to 35 Amps.

It is ideal for:

Solar panel cleaning systems
Soft washing pumps
Higher flow rate pump control


This Kit includes the items below:

150-5454 - Controller, Pump 35 Amp V16HC (Qty:1)
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