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ProTool Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Pump Bypass Mode

Quick Overview

  • Quality Pump for Water or Chemicals, RO Boost pump for Pure Water Production, Spraying Pump for Chemical Application
  • Features a bypass-style design, maintaining consistent water flow at a maximum pressure of 90 psi for versatile applications.
  • Powered by a durable 12v permanent magnet motor pump, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Thermally Protected: Equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating, ensuring safe and reliable operation in various environments.
  • Ensures reliable operation even when running without fluid, providing flexibility in various applications.

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Item #: 150-0856  UPC : 00669893018716  MPN : 5503-2HM1-M638PT
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ProTool Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Pump Bypass Mode

Introducing the ProTool Pump, a versatile and reliable solution designed for various water and chemical applications. Whether you need a robust pump for pure water production in RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems or efficient spraying for chemical applications, the ProTool Pump delivers exceptional performance and durability.

With its pump bypass mode and a maximum pressure of 90 psi, this quality pump ensures consistent water or chemical flow for your specific needs. The 12v permanent magnet motor pump provides reliable operation, while its thermal protection feature enhances safety and longevity.

Featuring quick-connect ports for easy replacement (quick connects not included), the ProTool Pump streamlines maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation. Its 1/2-inch slide ports further facilitate convenient installation and compatibility with standard fittings.

This pump is capable of running dry, offering added flexibility and reliability in various applications. It will continuously run when powered on, providing uninterrupted performance when needed.

The ProTool Pump also includes a heat sink (not shown in picture) to maintain optimal operating temperature, even under demanding conditions. Whether you're boosting water pressure in RO systems or applying chemicals with precision, trust the ProTool Pump to deliver consistent and reliable performance every time.

RO Boost Pump raises inlet water pressure into RO Membranes

Used as Boost/Delivery pump when combined with the HC Pump Controller 

Flow at



20 psi

40 psi

60 psi

80 psi

90 psi







In Gallons Per Minute

1/2in Slide ports

Capable of Running Dry

Bypas Style Pump @ 90psi
12v Permanent Magnet Motor Pump

Thermally Protected

DOES NOT INCLUDE HOSE FITTINGS: Please refer to "consider adding" column.

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