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Choosing the Right RODI System

While the initial cost of a DI tank is quite a bit less than an RODI system, because DI resin is expensive, an RODI tank may quickly pay off in the long run.

An RODI system is considered a 3-phase system because the water first runs through a pre-filter (usually carbon) to remove chlorine, then an RO filter, which removes about 98% of the water's impurities, and finally through a DI filter. The amount of costly DI resin needed is then greatly reduced with an RODI system.

However, not all RODI systems are the same.

When choosing an RO//DI system, there are some things you need to consider, including:

  • What is the average TDS of the water in my area?
  • How high am I going to be cleaning with a water fed pole?
  • How often am I going to be cleaning with a water fed pole?
  • How many people will be cleaning with water fed poles at a time?

Yes, budget is another consideration, but it's a little more complicated than just the initial purchase price. The smaller the system, the more often you'll have to change cartridges, which cuts down on productivity. 

At J. Racenstein, we offer two main RODI systems: the Eco Cart and the H2Pro/H2Pro Max.

The ProTool Eco Cart: The Perfect Residential RODI system

The ProTool Eco Cart 3-stage RODI cart is the best pure water bang-for-your-buck system you’ll find anywhere! It offers the pure-water capability and functionality of similar style carts at an amazingly affordable price.

In addition to its affordability, the Eco Cart is reliable, lightweight, easy to transport, simple to use, easy to maintain, rugged, and well designed, making it a great option if you are just getting started or only doing a few residential/small buildings per week. The Eco Cart can be hooked up to city water and can easily reach two stories with average water pressure without the help of a pump.

Additional features include:

  • A 40in RO Membrane offers great water flowA
  • Ability to reach 2 to 3 stories\
  • Easy to Replace Carbon Filter
  • Large, Refillable DI Resin Cartridge
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compact design so it's easy to transport and store

The H2Pro: Bigger Filters = Greater Productivity

The biggest difference between the ProTool Eco Cart and the H2Pro is the size of the Carbon and DI filters -- which last 3 times as long as the ProTool Eco Cart's filters. The larger the filters, the less time you'll spend changing them, and the greater your productivity. The H2Pro features the largest filters on the market! If you are a full-time window cleaner, this makes a huge difference in your efficiency.

If you clean solar panels, the H2Pro unit has the option of turning off the DI filter and running RO only, which saves you money. Solar panels aren't transparent, so your water doesn't need to be absolutely pure, and the RO membrane will get you clean enough. You can also use this option for any shiny surface that's not transparent, like car washing, awning cleaning, Alucobond surfaces, and so on.

Additional new improved features of the H2Pro include:

  • Stabler base and top handle for easier transport
  • Easiier Filter Changes 
  • Same Long-term Performance

The H2Pro Max Cart: For Maximum Heights and Productivity

If you are needing to go higher than 4 stories or wanting to have two operators running off of one RODI system, the H2Pro Max Cart is the answer! 

The H2Pro Max comes with all the same great features as the H2Pro, but has a built-in 110v electric pump as well, letting you push your water higher or divide it among your operators. 

  • 500% longer carbon filter life
  • Best 40" x 4" Ro membrane flow available in the industry
  • 75% more resin than most systems for longer filter life and lower resin replacement cost

When choosing which RODI system is right for you, try to think long-term. If you foresee your window cleaning services growing into a daily service or one that expand beyond 2 to 3 stories, you will be better off with the H2Pro. If you are on a tighter start-budget, only plan to clean a few windows a week, and expect you'll stick with residential or low-rise commercial, the Eco Cart is a great place to start. 

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