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Choosing the Best RODI System for Window Cleaning or Solar Panel Cleaning

When it comes to RODI systems for water fed pole widow cleaning or solar panel cleaning, RODI carts were the the only real option...until now. 

Traditional RODI carts do a decent job of running one or two water fed poles at a time But they limited on how much water they can produce. When it comes to cleaning efficiency, the quicker you can get in, get out, and get paid. 

The new J Racenstein DIY RODI systems produces significantly more water and has larger filters, leading to less downtime. Not to mention it looks sleek and professional -- and all at a comparable price to an entry-level cart.   

While yes, you do have to put it together yourself, we've made it as easy as possible. Each DIY kit comes with everything you need, a mounting plate with pre-drilled holes so you know where to put the parts, and a thorough step-by-step instruction book. Pump posts and electrical components are pre-installed. Plus, our team is always here to help should you run into questions. 

Why the ProTool DIY RODI Kit is the BEST Solution on the Market:

1. Best Performance Anywhere:  When it comes to cleaning efficiency, the more water you can produce (i.e., the higher the gpm), the faster you can clean and the higher you can reach. The J. Racenstein DIY RODI tank system puts out over 3 gpm and 90 psi of purified water. That’s more water production and flow than any RODI system on the market! More water production lets you run more water fed poles at once and reaches greater heights.

2. Opens Doors for More Types of Jobs: Produces enough water for high height jobs or two operators at medium height jobs. Switch to RO only for solar panel cleaning, fleet washing, or keeping your own work vehicles clean.

3. Significantly More Bang for Your Buck: The ProTool DIY kit produces over THREE TIMES the purified water of RODI carts -- at a comparable price. RODI carts only produce around 0.75 to 1 gpm; the DIY kit produces up to 3 gpm. More flow, more productivity, similar price.

4. Saves Coveted Floor Space: The DIY kit fits anywhere you need it to. Configure the customized system on an inside van wall, in the back of a truck bed, along a truck bed frame, or even on the ceiling -- saving your floor space for other important cleaning tools.

5. Increases Productivity: Once the system is mounted, it's set up and ready to go as soon as you arrive on the jobsite. No need to drag a cart in and out of your vehicle and connect it up. Just run you hose to tap water, then grab your pole and go!

6. Lets you carry water or make it on demand: With the tank system,  you can carry water to a jobsite where water supply is limited or water pressure is poor. Otherwise, just hook your hose to tap water and you're ready to clean.

7. Includes the biggest filters on the market: Our 40" filters are twice as big as others on the market, resulting in longer filter life and less downtime. Spend your time making money, not changing filter resin. 

8. Easy to Assemble: While our systems do require you to put them together, we've made it as easy as possilbe. Each DIY kit comes with a mounting plate with pre-drilled holes so you know where to mount each item. We've already pre-installed pump posts and electrical components so you don't have to. Each kit comes with a thorough step-by-step installation guide, but if you run into questions, we're just a phone call away. 

Which ProTool RODI System Do I need? 

Our Top Recommendation:

ProTool DIY Dual RODI Wall Mount Kit with 2 pumps

For most window cleaners, this is the best bang-for-your-buck system we offer. It provides all the benefits listed above -- including  an extra RO filter and an extra booster pump -- for a price comparable to an RODI cart. This tank-based system lets you clean more windows or solar panels higher and faster, using more poles at once. 

This kit includes: 

  • 2 - 40" RO Membranes in SS Housings 
  • 2 12v pumps for RO boost and water delivery, producing 2 to 2.25GPM of RO water into the tank, and 3.5+ GPM of pure water to the brush!
  • One 40" Carbon Filter and Housing -- longer lasting. Change once every 12 months
  • One 40" DI Filter and Housing: Great Capacity DI Cartridge, reduces refills. Change every 4-6+ months! 
  • Pump controller for full control of water flow
  • Everything you need to assemble is included, except for tank and 12V battery.

ProTool DIY RO DI Wall Mount Kit with 4 Pumps

This is our top-of-the-line waterfed window cleaning system, offering you four 40" filters (2 RO, 1 DI, and 1 carbon) to maximize productivity. Four booster pumps let you run up to four water fed poles at once! 

  • 4 - 40" filters for best filter life and water flow
  • 4 12v pumps for RO boost and water delivery
  • 2.5 - 2.75 GPM of RO production into tank
  • 3.5 GPM + of pure water delivered to the brush
  • Two users at 3.5 GPM + each
  • Capable of pushing 4 users running water fed.
  • Pump controller for full control of water flow

ProTool DIY RO Wall Mount Kit for Solar Panel Cleaning

This system is designed specially for serious solar panel cleaners who do not need DI for windows. Since solar panels are not transparent like windows, your total dissolved solids (TDS) can have a little higher parts per million (ppm). While we recommend 10 TDS for window cleaning, you can go up to 30 TDS for solar panels. That means using RO water is enough. For our solar panel cleaning setup, we offer three RO filters and one carbon filter, plus four pumps -- giving you enough water to power brushes and clean large solar panel farms quickly. 

  • 4 - 40" filters for best filter life and water flow
  • 4 12v pumps for RO boost and water delivery
  • 3.5 GPM of RO production into tank
  • 7.4 GPM at 60PSI of RO water delivered to the brush
  • Pump controller for full control of water flow
  • Wall mounts for easy installation

Our Budget System:

ProTool RODI DIY Kit with 20in Filters Kit with a Single 4in x 40in RO membrane

If you like the idea of freeing up floor space are on a tight budget, this is our most affordable option. This system essentially equates to our ProTool pure water cart, only it's mounted. Because it is not a tank-based system, is does not provide the high gpm output of our other mounted systems. However, it does still provide the larger filters available on the market so you have less downtime.           

This kit provides: 

  • 40" RO Industry Standard Membrane provides greater than 1gpm flow and with the proper startup and end of job procedure followed will last 5 to 7 years.
  • 20" Carbon Filter - 80,000 gallons - Change twice per year February and August when used regularly, minimum once a year for lightly uses systems.
  • 20" DI offers an industry-leading amount DI Resin, with a long service interval. Change when the water output rises above 10 tds on your tds meter.
  • Pump for Pressurizing the RO Membrane
  • Mounting Plates for the wall or inside of the vehicle

ProTool RODI Pure Water Cart 

Whether you don't have wall space to mount a system, or if you just prefer the traditional RODI cart, the ProTool pure water cart is the best and most afordable option on the market! 

Because the ProTool Cart is designed to be shipped as a flat pack for more secure shipping and reduced shipping/labor costs., we pass the savings directly on to you. This unit is an assemble it yourself RODI cart kit at an unbeatable price. If you prefer not to assemble it all yourself, we also offer a mostly-assembled option -- just add the filters and the wheels -- for a little bit higher price.

 This system does not compromise performance for price.


  • 40" RO filter
  • 20" Carbon
  • 20" Refillable DI filter
  • Steel frame for strength and rigidity.
  • Wide base for better stability
  • 10" no-flat wheels
  • Handheld TDS Meter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Mounting point for 110V and 12V pumps included for easy add-on
  • Tool kit
  • Detailed step-by-step Instruction Manual
  • Everything you need to assemble the cart!