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The New Gardiner Trad Pole: Strong, Light, and Good Looking Too!

Gardiner Poles are the strongest, lightest poles in the world. The new 14-foot Gardiner Trad Pole is no exception, and it’s a perfect entry-level pole. But don’t just take our word for it.

“The mix of lightweight, rigidity, and in my opinion, the best clamps available, make for a great traditional pole,” said Kevin Hargis of Eco Advantage Inc., who has bought 10 Trad Poles for his team so far.

Kevin's team does a lot of work in healthcare settings. The Gardiner poles with an IPC pad holder and quick-connect goosenecks have worked great for high cleaning in their operating rooms. "An aluminum pole wasn't an option due to corrosion and the inability of the pole to be taken apart completely for disinfecting before entering the sterile areas," he explained. "These poles were perfect. I have several other carbon trad poles and the CLX is by far our favorite and most used! I highly recommend the CLX line for traditional pole cleaning."

Plus, “it looks so sexy and the colors really make the pole stand out!” agreed Nando Medina of ProWindowz, who has bought several Gardiner poles for his team. More important than the looks, however, is how the new Gardiner Trad Poles work.

Nando said he switched to the Gardiner CLX line after using a different brand for his 8 to 15-foot poles. "One of the issues we found throughout the years with our other brand of poles is that they would bend with medium force. After a while, this caused them to bow, making it harder to pull off the glass. Also, if we dropped that pole, we would always have to look for dings because one good ding would cause it to get stuck. After so many replacements it was time for change. That’s when I first saw the first CLX 10, and now the new Trad Pole."

Nando, who owns several varieties of Gardiner poles, said he wasn’t worried about “medium force being applied” since he knows Gardiner could handle the pressure. “These poles have excellent features. For one, single hand clamps to loosen and tighten means no more having to fight with the over-tightness of the clamp. They also have a nice smooth surface, allowing you to slide your upper hand as you squeegee the glass. Gardiner is one of my preferred items in our inventory and we can’t wait to see what comes out next!

The Gardiner 14-Foot Trad Pole

  • Made from 65% carbon fiber on all sections, the pole weighs less than 3 pounds.
  • Breaks down into 3 sections that are about 5 feet in length.
  • Reaches up to 18-20 working feet, making it capable of reaching most residential and 2-story commercial windows
  •  Its thicker clamps are grooved at each end to prevent pinching fingers when collapsing the pole. 
  • Comes with an Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip, but any major brand pole tip that fits over the top can be used
  •  Comes with smart clamps, quick-loq gooseneck, all-season hose & connector
  • It’s expandable, allowing you to add an extension.
  • Its insulated handle section & extending sections have been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO
  • It’s affordable, costing less than $200.