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The Trifecta Car Wash Kit: An amazing and affordable solution for washing your car at home

The Trifecta Carwash Kit

All you need for a spot-free car wash at home, all for a price you can afford!

Washing your vehicle at home is the best method for keeping your car clean, shiny, and in tip-top shape. Touch-free systems not only save you time, they also protect your car from scratches that can be caused by dirty water or rags. For an ideal wash, you need a touch-free sprayer, a professional-grade automotive soap (no, dishwashing soap is not a good choice!), and a deionized water unit to ensure a spot-free wash without the need for hand drying. 

The Trifecta Carwash Kit delivers all of these things in a compact, affordable, reliable package. Now you can wash your vehicle it quickly, easily, and spot-free, all at an amazingly affordable price. While each item can be purchased individually, you'll save by purchasing the Trifecta Kit, which includes all you need for the perfect at-home wash every time!

The Trifecta Kit Includes:

Unger Rinse & Go 

ProTool Wash Sprayer

ProTool Shine Up 

The Power House: ProTool Wash Sprayer

The perfect at-home car wash starts with the right water and soap delivery system. The ProTool Wash Sprayer provides better pressure than your garden hose, but is not a pressure washer, so you’re not risking potentially damaging the surface. 

The ProTool wash sprayer uses the concept of “soft washing” – which means using the right cleaning solutions to do the cleaning, then using water with enough pressure to produce a nice, solid stream, but not enough to damage the surface.

It's a smart option for washing your house, deck, and other exterior surfaces as well!


  • 1.72 gallons per minute, 1700 psi maximum pressure
  • 18” long x 11” wide x 12” high
  • 6-foot inlet hose with filter
  • 26-ft outlet hose
  • 90-day warranty
  • Variable Spray Wand Tip included

The Trifecta Kit also includes these Wash Sprayer Accessories:

Foamer Bottle

The ProTool Foamer attachment allows you to add a chemical to the mix at the tip. Foaming soap stays on the surfaces longer allowing for more time to agitate and rinse before drying on the car.Switch out the chemical in the bottle and easily apply a heavier soap for wheels or other surfaces.

Nozzle Tip Set

This adapter Pairs perfectly with the 1 Liter Foamer bottle. Allows you to quickly switch to the optimal 1 Liter Foamer bottle for great foaming action and easily apply soap to the vehicle, then quickly switch back to your desired nozzle to rinse.

The Difference Maker: The Unger Rinse 'N Go

With the help of the Unger DI water purifying filter, the revolutionary Rinse & Go system deionizes the tap water from your hose by pulling out all of the spot-causing minerals and contaminants. The result is water so pure it will dry without leaving spots or streaks. After washing your car, just rinse it with this pure water and go. You’ll get spot-free results with no need to hand dry. Works great for your home or office exterior windows as well!

  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Spotless results every time you wash your car. No need to hand dry, just wash, rinse, and go!
  • Uses tap water from your house and removes all minerals and contaminants, a water purification process called deionization, leaving no spots or streaks
  • Lightweight and compact design lets you bring the Rinse ‘N Go anywhere there is a water supply
  • Also great for RV’s, motorcycles, windows, solar panels, and more!

The Secret Juice:

ProTool Shine Up

This ideal auto wash soap for at-home car washing lets you wash and shine your car with ease.  A soap and sealer in one, Shine Up cleans, shines and protects your car all at once.

  • High Foaming soap cuts through dirt to protect from scratches and swirls
  • Applies water repelling properties while you wash
  • Restores shine each time you wash your car
  • Enhances existing sealers on your vehicle
  • Creates new water repelling protection
  • Keeps your car cleaner for longer