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Troubleshooting Your RODI System

Why am I not getting enough water out of the RO system?

What is the water pressure coming in? If it's not at least 60, you're not likely to get enough flow through the RO membrane. If it's below 60 or even a little higher but you're not happy with the results, you'll need to add a booster pump. We offer a variety of booster pumps, starting at around $125 -- which will produce an extra 40 psi. So even if you're as low as 45 psi coming off of well water, you can easily boost that pump up to around 75 to 80 psi.

Our most popular is an impeller pump, which is not a positive displacement pump. Impeller pumps create pressure, then the H2Pro uses what it needs to get the job done. With a positive displacement pump, all the water that it pumps has to go somewhere.

This pump will reliably add 40 psi to your tap pressure. It can also be used to help you clean taller buildings, as for every 10 feet of pole, you'll need 4.5 psi of water pressure. (Remember, we have a Gardiner system that can reach up to 90 feet!)

Booster Pump

I've started to rise above 10 TDS and I don't have a DI resin cartridge. Is there anything I can do?

Possibly. When the water goes through the resin, it doesn't touch all of it. It's really hard to get the water to go through and use all the resin in the tube. It's even harder when you have small resin canisters to get the service life out of them.

On a larger one, you may have some pockets of resin that haven't been used because the water found a pathway though your canister that's ignoring that section of resin. So, if you open up your DI resin, take the cartridge out and shake it up, turn it over, put it back in. And you'll probably see the TDS number fall, possibly for about an hour's worth of work.

Why is the extra resin I've had in my truck not working as well as my other resin?

If you are keeping an extra resin cartridge in your vehicle to exchange -- which is what we recommend -- make sure the cartridge is sealed and air tight. The DI resin wants to clean the air as much as it wants to clean the water. It will take the ions right out of the air then it will be dead, just like a car battery, it will die. Keep your resin sealed air tight when you're not using it, including the bag in storage if you're filling your own.