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  • Pump 110v Boost Water Pressure add 40psi



Pump 110v Boost Water Pressure add 40psi

Quick Overview

  • Boost water pressure to your basic RO-DI system
  • Reliably raises water pressure 40psi
  • Contains a 1/2 hp motor in a cast iron housing
  • Can be used to pump water to a taller building

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Offers a simple, cost effective way to boost the output of a tap water style RO-DI water purification system.
Contains rubber impellers in a cast iron housing, along with a 1/2 hp pump motor.
Will reliably add 40psi to your tap water pressure.
i.e. If you have 35 psi available, this boosts it to 75psi, adding 40 psi to your tap water pressure.

Also used to pump water up taller building. Every 10 ft of pole need 4.5psi of water pressure,
Thus, to go up 50 ft, you require 22 psi in water pressure.

*This pump's life span is typically a year.

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