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X Jet Chem Sprayer for Building Cleaning

We highly recommend using the X-Jet nozzle for house and commercial building cleaning.

Here's our analysis:

The pros:

  • The X-Jet lets you shoot chemicals up to 40-feet high while standing safely on the ground.
  • It saves on chemical usage. Because the X-Jet only sucks chemicals through the nozzle, you don’t have to clean out your line when switching from soap to rinse, so you save on chemicals. You can save even more on chemicals by adding our ProTool Sticky Super Concentrate, which allows your cleaning solutions to dwell longer on the surface to be cleaned.
  • You can immediately switch from soap to rinse. This allows you to easily switch to rinse to spray down and protect plants with clean water, and helps save money by not wasting chemicals.
  • It’s easy on your equipment. With an X-Jet, no chemical goes through any parts, so you save wear on your hose, your reels, your wands, your guns, and so on.
  • The proportioners take the guesswork out of mixing your chemicals. Simply change the proportioner -- i.e., the colored plastic tip that goes into the nozzle -- to change your mix strength.
  • It's affordable. At less than $200 each, we recommend carrying two X-Jets -- one for house washing, one for roof cleaning. That way you don't have to worry about changing out and potentially losing the proportioner. Carrying two X-Jets will quickly pay for itself in time saved.

M5 X-Jet with Variable Nozzle, Chemical Draw Tube

Inserting the correct proportioner (in this case red) into the X-Jet takes the guesswork out of calculating your chemical mix.

Despite all the pros, there are a few downsides to the X-Jet -- all of which can be worked around. Here's our list of cons:

  • The pressure washer that drives the X-Jet is noisy. We recommend wearing hearing protection any time you use a pressure washer.
  • The draw hose can and bucket be awkward to use, especially at first. Being tethered by the X-Jet hose takes a bit of getting used to, and the hose can get tangled if you’re working around landscaping. Many find using the chemical pail system easier to maneuver.
  • The bucket or pail is heavy. Some have found that carrying the bucket or pail on a wheeled cart is easier.
  • The water and cleaning solution mixture can splash out. That's why we recommend using the X-Jet Pail System to stop spills.

The table below illustrates the the possible mixes for a 4 gpm 4000 PSI X-Jet spraying system for House Wash and Roof Cleaning.

The X-Jet Pail System is designed especially for X-Jet spraying prevents splashes and spills.

    This chart illustrates the amount of Cleaning Chemical derived from a 5 gallon Pail of 12.5% SH when using different Proportioner tips and the suggested amount of Surfactant to add to the pail.