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Add n Arm Tele-Plus Pole 12ft #1&2 Sect

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This unique extension pole system actually comes apart. (Except for the top two sections)...

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Item #: 60-211  UPC : 761475604420  MPN : TZ370



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Add n Arm Tele-Plus Pole 12ft the #1 & 2 Sections together

  • The Unger TelePlus™ TZ370, consisting of two sections, serves as a fundamental building block within the versatile and expandable TelePlus™ pole system. Crafted from lightweight, drawn anodized aluminum, this two-section pole contributes to a maximum pole length of 12 feet when fully assembled, providing users with enhanced reach for various high-reach applications. Its design ensures safe and convenient handling, even when combined for maximum length, ensuring ease of use and safety.
  • Featuring an ergonomically designed handle grip, the TZ370 offers comfort during use, while the included ErgoTec® quick-release locking cone facilitates a secure snap-in attachment for additional tools. This modular pole system allows users to add or remove sections as needed, providing adaptability for different tasks such as scrubbing, squeegeeing, and dusting. Furthermore, its telescopic nature enables the entire system to be collapsed down to just over 6 feet, making it easy to store and transport. Compatible with a range of tools that attach by lock, press fit, acme thread, or snap-in, the Unger TelePlus™ TZ370 is a versatile solution for an array of high-reaching needs.
  • This unique extension pole system actually comes apart. (Except for the top two sections)