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  • All Vac Suction Cup
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All Vac Industries

All Vac Suction Cup

Quick Overview

  • The Cast Aluminum Frames offer improved comfort and strength.
  • The rubber vacuum suction cups with internal concentric rings ensure a strong vacuum hold.
  • Place the Cup onto the surface and press down, force out the air and you will create a powerful vacuum hold. Release the vacuum hold simply by lifting up on the release bar
  • Standard Models come with oil resistant black Nitrile rubber vacuum suction cups. Vacu-Lifters are also available with heat resistant red silicone vacuum cups
  • Suction Cup Lifters are simple, strong, and safe; our guarantee that you are using the best products for your lifting and positioning work.

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Item #: 98-41M

$36.10 - $73.45

Number of Cups / Material / Fittings / Size Selection

Number of Cups:
10 options available.
This is an obsolete Item

Suction Cup Vacu Lifter Positioning Devices

Ideal for positioning yourself from a bosun chair or controlled descent.

Vacu-Lifters provide safety, versatility, and ease to a multitude of materials handling applications.

Quality Construction with some models available with Stainless Steel components.

Whether you need to lift, move, grab, secure or hold non-porous materials, our hand-operated vacuum lifters and suction cup grabbers will make your job easier.

Our Vacu-Lifters work great on steel, aluminum, sheet metal, glass, plastic sheet, polished stone, fiberglass, raised floor tiles, auto panels, sealed wood, ceramic tiles and much more.

Using Vacu-Lifters or Grabbers are a great way to add a handle to a smooth material for safe lifting or moving.

Proper handling and safety precautions are essential when using these tools, so feel free to talk to us about your application and needs and remember that Vacu-Lifters and Suction Cup Grabbers work best on smooth material, that has little or no dirt, oil, grease or water.

Quick release triggers.

Not rated for use as an anchoring point.

Suction Cups - Vacu-Lifters

Great for positioning Floor Tiles, Handling Glass Panes 

Available in Black Nitrile Rubber and Red Silicon Rubber

Item #:98-400
Regular Price: $41.75
Item #:98-401
Regular Price: $60.75
Item #:98-4011
Regular Price: $86.20
Item #:98-4012
Regular Price: $82.05