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Suction Cups

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J.Racenstein.com is providing suction cups for professional window cleaning from brands like J.Racenstein and All Vac Industries. We make sure you receive the best products at your door step so that your hobbies and businesses never stop.

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Suction Cups

Suction cups are ideal for positioning yourself from a bosun chair or controlled descent. Also we provide vacuum suction replacements which you can use to repair your trigger actuated vac lifter with new cups and trigger assemblies. The replacements are also available for single and double cup versions. We also provide pump handle to lock onto glass which you and release by a small protected lever.

We are providing suction cups with finger hold rubber which you can instantly attach and release for rapid hand operation. This easily lift loads safely because of its powerful suction grip material and holds until released by hand trigger. It can be used for loading, unloading, piling and shifting material.

Providing top quality products is our priority and we do not compromise with material and build quality. Cast Aluminum Frames offer improved comfort and strength. Oil resistant black Nitrile rubber vacuum suction cups. Vacu-Lifters are also available with heat resistant red silicone vacuum cups